No7 Essentially Natural Foundation review

I’m reviewing the ‘Essentially Natural Foundation from No7’ my shade is Cool Ivory but you don’t need to know that 🙂

Ok, I like this foundation, although it costs 12 pounds it lasts a while. I’ve had it for 2 months now and I use it every day.

I apply just a pea sized amount on my finger and when it goes onto my face it blends into each other, it’s not streaky and most importantly it doesn’t feel cakey. My skin feels smooth (bearing in mind you have put moisturiser on before hand) and it doesn’t look orange. Also the advantage of this is usually in the store you can buy I from (I bought mine at boots) they should test you with a machine and they did for me and that machine matches your skin tone with one of their foundations. At the start they give you a little pot for a free tester which lasts a while then you can buy the real thing.

I just comes in a silver squeezy tube the tube says on it;
All skin types
Coverage light / medium
Lightweight, natural finish SPF 15

Thank you I hope you enjoyed it, do you think I should do more reviews? If so of what?

Laur3ncutie xoxo



I don’t know why I started this blog, I suppose it’s because I’ve done quite well with youtube and its not to publicise my youtube or anything it’s just I thought I’ll give this a go.

To start with I’m lauren I’m 13 and British. I like writing I don’t have the best vocabulary or amazing descriptions but this isn’t about writing stories, it’s like an online diary to tell whoever s reading how I feel. If your sad ill be there for you to cheer you up as I hope your there for me.

So yeah if you want to find me on youtube my name is MissSquid5 and I made the grandparent video with 15,000 views on, I am very happy, so thank you for reading I guess to let it all out might make me feel better.

Bye – Lauren xx